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Monchichi is a delightful little Conure whose owner, Luz, isn't quite put together. When Luz forgets important work files at home, it's up to Monchichi to brave the perils of municipality in order to deliver Luz's flash drive before her boss discovers her error. If Monchichi fails, her owner will be out of a job...


    Dear Luz would lose her head if it wasn't attached. Absent minded and dreamy, she often misplaces shoes, coats, keys, her wallet...

    The only thing she's really managed to take care of is her parrot. Maybe it's just easier to care for someone else than it is for yourself? For all her forgetfulness, Luz is really quite content. She's happy to put in her 8 hours and come home to her bird.


    Persistent, responsible, and a bit indulgent, Monchichi is very much a mother hen--or uh, parrot.

    She's very aware of how reliable she is and always appreciates praise or repayment in forehead skritches. She may be a little full of herself, but Monchichi is a very sweet, affectionate bird. She regards Luz as something of a sweet, hapless child rather than a caretaker.

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