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    Young and brash, Nureen is primarily concerned with herself, her wants, and her goals. When she finds herself lost and possibly trapped in an underground city full of people with a similar mindset, the little girl finds herself growing up--not growing more callous, and not growing a thicker skin, but becoming more kind, and more sensitive to others. Love is unconditional, and something you give, even without always expecting to receive.



    Having existed almost as long as the lost city itself, Sofian has become self aware. With her sentience, she's also acquired a dissatisfaction with her lot in life. Nureen's incursion into the city from the world above immediately sparks the maintenance bot's interest, believing she's found her ticket to a new life. But as she travels with Nureen, Sofian finds herself caring more for the girl's safety than she does for her own escape.

    As it turns out, she had a heart all along.

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